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The Cape Peninsula Fire Protection Association (CPFPA) was established in 2003 and covers an area of approximately 250 000 ha – the entire Cape Metropolitan Area. The CPFPA is split into three management wards. The West Ward includes the Peninsula; the East Ward includes the Cape Flats, Somerset West and Steenbras areas and the North Ward includes areas such as Durbanville, Klipheuwel, Philadelphia, Atlantis and Mamre. 

Fire Protection Associations (FPA) are voluntary organizations formed by landowners in wildfire-risk areas to prevent, predict, manage, and to assist with the extinguishing of wildfires under the National Veld and Forest Fire Act (Act 101 of 1998). FPAs are co-operative structures established between Local Authorities, the State, private landowners (and their lessees) in areas of high wildfire risk.

The purpose of the National Veld and Forest Fire Act is to make all landowners (and occupiers of land) take greater responsibility for integrated wildfire management to prevent and control wildfires on and around their properties. FPAs help their members to fulfill their responsibilities by providing advice and guidance about how to reduce the risk of wildfires. FPAs are therefore seen as being a supportive and cost-effective way of doing this.

Joining an FPA for private landowners is voluntary and is intended only for those who own large open tracts of land, and/or abut a wildfire risk area. The FPA is a platform for landowners to coordinate efforts and share resources during wildfire incidents. However, when weighed against the risks of uncontrolled wildfires, as well as the fact that landowners are legally required to take fire prevention steps, being part of an FPA is a sensible and practical solution to the landowner’s potentially dangerous and costly fire situation.

our team

Philip Prins - FPO, Chairman & West Ward Manager

Philip is well known within the Wildfire Management Industry where he served as the Table Mountain National Park’s Integrated Wildfire Manager since the Park’s inception in 1998 until his retirement from SANParks in 2023. Philip holds a Higher Diploma in Forestry Conservation from the Saasveld Forestry College as well as an advance Diploma in Public Administration from the Stellenbosch University. He has been part of the CPFPA since the inception of the CPFPA dated back to 2003 and has been at the reins of the CPFPA serving as the long-standing Chairman, FPO and also liaising with private landowners located on the Peninsula, West Ward. Philip has over 40 years’ experience in Integrated Fire Management and is known for his aggressive initial attack strategy and success.

Philip can be contacted on philip.prins1@gmail.com

Ruan Matthee - General & East Ward Manager

Ruan holds a BTech Degree in Nature Conservation and has been part of the CPFPA team since 2016. During Ruan’s time with the CPFPA he attended various wildfire training courses which includes courses in firefighting as well as the Incident Command System. In his current capacity as General & East Ward Manager, Ruan is responsible for liaising with private landowners located within the East Ward, assisting and advising them regarding integrated wildfire management activities, and attending to the CPFPA’s general and financial matters. He is a firm believer of “wildfire is everyone’s fight” and believes that a unified command contributes significantly to the success of wildfire suppression efforts when fighting fires on properties belonging to various landowners.

Ruan can be contacted on gmanager@cpfpa.org / eastmanager@cpfpa.org.za

Pierre Mouski - North Ward Manger

Pierre joined the CPFPA team in 2019 as the North Ward Manager where he liaises with private landowners and is responsible for integrated wildfire management activities within the North Ward. Pierre holds a BTech Degree in Nature Conservation and has more than 10 years of experience in environmental education and the conservation sector within protected areas and private land. Pierre has been involved in numerous fuel load reduction projects through alien vegetation management and is regarded as a specialist in the field of alien invasive vegetation management.

Pierre can be contacted on northmanager@cpfpa.org.za


The CPFPA offer the following services to its Members:

Alternative Services provided by the CPFPA at a reduced rate:

The use of WoF crews for Integrated Fire Management Services (IFMS) barring variable costs (transport, rations, burning fuel etc.). IFMS includes the following activities:

The use of contract crews for the following activities:

Other activities include:


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