What is ICS?


The Incident Command System is the outcome of decades of lessons learned in the organization and management of emergency incidents. ICS can be defined as a standardized, on-scene, all-hazard incident management approach.

The application of ICS:

  • Disasters such as wildfires, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes
  • Disease outbreaks
  • Criminal acts or civil unrest
  • Event management


ICS aims to improve:

  • Incident accountability
  • Communication
  • Incident planning
  • Span of control
  • Integration among responders



How is ICS applicable to you?


ICS is a multiply agency approach for all levels of government (Fire and Rescue Services & Disaster Management) & private sectors to work efficiently and effectively together to prepare for and respond to incidents. It further insures a core set of concepts, principles, and terminology for incident command and multi-agency coordination.

Therefor it is important for you as landowner / manager to understand common incident terminology, setting incident objectives through unified command structure and assisting with incident planning and resource management.


ICS consist of various incident positions depending on incident experience and agency representation, however for you as a landowner / manager the introduction to ICS (ICS 100 module) will be beneficial to familiarise you with the history, principles, features and organisational structure of ICS. The ICS 200 course expands upon ICS 100 and is vital for any personnel that assumes a supervisory position within the ICS structure.

Both ICS 100 and ICS 200 can be completed FREE through an online accredited (Federal Emergency Management Agency – FEMA) course presented by one of our partners, NCC Environmental Services. If you are interested to learn more about ICS, please feel free to visit: http://www.ncc-training.co.za/c…/incident-command-system-ics