Cape Peninsula Fire PRotection Association Signage Awareness Project

CPFPA awareness sign on Rhodes Memorial

CPFPA Signage indicating 3rd Party Advertising

Sign indicating 3rd party advertising space

One of the CPFPA’s duties is to produce fire awareness campaigns to educate the general public on the dangers of veldfires and on how to prevent them. The latest campaign involves the planting of fire awareness signage across theCapePeninsulaon all busy routes. These signs would effectively replace the old bokkie signs with new, larger, more informative ones. The signs do not only act as an awareness tool, but are also intended to generate funding for the association to produce further awareness drives in the future.

It is important to note that the CPFPA is a non-profit organization, relying entirely on the annual membership fees it receives from its members, government funding and private sponsorship to remain operational.

To be erected on scenic routes and internal roads of theCapePeninsula, these signs would supply motorists with an appropriate emergency number to call if they sight a veldfire. This is an hotline number, available for all emergencies within the National Park boundaries and is linked to the Belville Control room, the Cities emergency correspondence center.

The sign is eye catching and is not easily missed, thus effective in attracting the motorists attention, even if it just to highlight the fact that it is a veldfire prone area.


If you would like to sponsor the erection and maintenance of a sign, and in turn advertise your business in a prime location all one of the Cape Peninsula’s scenic routes, contact the Manager on 021 689 7438 for further information.

 Veldfire Awareness in Communities

According to the National Veld and Forest Fire Act, Fire Protection Associations are encouraged to instigate awareness programs within their boundaries, informing communities of the dangers of veldfires. The CPFPA has commissioned Enviro Wildfire Services (Enviro) to initiate awareness programs at schools across the Cape Peninsula. School visits are typically made during the summer months, when the climate and veld are most conducive for the ignition and fueling of veldfires. Unnatural fires are of common occurrence on the Peninsula, thus Enviro focuses its resources on schools within such communities where it is known for these veldfires to be initiated.

Primary schools are typically targeted during these education programs, as this is an age group which can benefit most from such teachings.