Landowners falling within veldfire prone areas, are obliged under the National Veld and Forest Fire Act (no 101 of 1998) to:

  • Have equipment, trained personnel and protective clothing to prevent the spread of fires from their property;
  • Fight fires on own and adjoining property if under threat;
  • Prepare firebreaks on their boundaries;
  • Ensure fire equipment is maintained and ready;
  • Have staff trained in fire fighting and to own protective clothing for each of these personnel;
  • Abide by fire danger rating system;
  • Fire hazard reduction e.g. through invader plant control.

The Implications of such responsibilities are that the costs of implementing preventative measures such as creating firebreaks, conducting controlled burns and alien clearing are often immense and; even loftier are the potential costs of extinguishing a veldfire and consequences due to the destruction caused.

It thus proves beneficial to be a member of a fire protection association for the numerous benefits it offers.


Below is a list of services the CPFPA provides to its members:


  • The development and implementation of veldfire management strategies and annual plans of operations for each property;


  • The minimum standards for members to comply with to ensure fire prevention and readiness for fire fighting;


  • The organizing and training of members in fire fighting skills, management and prevention techniques;


  • The provision of information on fighting equipment and technology;


  • To develop a coordinated rapid attack fire fighting organization;


  • To initiate education and publicity campaigns with schools fire awareness.


  • To institute enforceable rules assisting to protect all members.

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