Stack Cecilia Forest 2

* conducted from the 1st of Mei till mid October pending successful permit application


  • The number of stacks created will depend on the size of the area being cut and situational factors e.g. risk, prevailing weather conditions, type of vegetation, firefighting resources etc.
  • Stacks should not be positioned closer than 50 metres to the urban edge.
  • The basal diameter of stacks should not be more than 2,5 metres.
  • The distance between the stacks should be at least 5 times the basal diameter.
  • Only one stack at a time should be burnt.
  • Tracer belts down to mineral soil of a minimum of one-metre width must be placed around each stack. This belt can be raked and the combustibles placed on the stack.
  • Only branches of less than 70mm should be burnt. Large diameter branches at breast height should not be burnt but left in situ.


*Required Documentation*

  • Completed Open Burn Permit Application Form
  • CPFPA Membership Certificate (Obtained from the designated Area Manager – Members are exempted from burning permit tariff of R 2 535.00)
  • 5-Year Veld Fire Management Strategy and Annual Plan of Operation
  • A site / location map indicating where the burn would take place and its relation to surrounding properties and communities
  • Proof that the owners / occupiers of adjacent properties have been notified either in writing or by placing a notice in a local newspaper of the details of the proposed burn and their right to object in writing to the City within 7 days of being notified.


Before submitting your open burn permit application, please ensure that all fields have been completed on the open burn permit application form and that all supporting documents are provided, uncompleted applications will result in a reapplication and a delay in the application process.

The completed application form with supporting documents must be submitted to Ms Bronwyn Davidson at: